Let the People DJ

Put the power of music in your guests hands. Connecting with them has never been easier.

Life of the Party

Text messages, app votes, and emails are intelligently handled by vTxt's algorithms. Vote counts and information update in real time. After defining a playlist, you can leave your party in the hands of your guests.

Catch Phone Numbers

Every phone that sends a vote to your vTxt playlist is added to the User Accounts associate with your playlist. You can use vTxt to start ad campaigns, track analytics, and offer "Text to Win Campaigns" or Voting Polls.

Make Money

vTxt has over 10 features designed to increase profits. We help you showcase your business in an innovative way, and allow you to reconnect with your audience via outgoing SMS messages and advanced analytics.

Core Features
Over 10 Features, and easy to use. Vote from nearly any device via iPhone, Android, or Windows phone apps, text messaging, and even twitter. 100% Automated playlists that you define, but your users vote on.


Create a playlist using Youtube, your own music library, or a number of popular 3rd party tools. Users can vote for the next song that plays.

Custom Look

Specify your web player's style, and what the app looks and feels like when users are in your playlist's room.

Ad Campaigns

Reach the audience you care about. Create text ad campaigns that can reach users by gender, song preference, age, and other filters.

Any Phone

Any phone can text in, and we have a customizable app for Android, iPhone, and Windows phones. Check them out here!


Based on keywords and triggers, you can auto-respond to incoming texts, tweets, and app votes.


Engage more users with mini-competitions, text polls, and the like between your songs -- or independent of your songs.

Command Center
Everything you need, right here. Accessible from any device with internet or a data plan. Modify your playlists, run ad campaigns, view helpful analytics that assist you in optimizing your users' experience. Engage your audience, and keep them coming back.


Track votes, identify returning customers, measure effectiveness of ad campaigns.


Built in sharing features that link to your Business's Facebook and Twitter accounts.


Easy to use playlist creation and management tools. Use your own library or a popular third parties'


Brand the music video player by uploading custom graphics. The same can be done for your playlist's room in the phone app.


Toggle between video and song only playlists. Each has the option for different displays and branding.


For those of you that do not have televisions to dedicate for display, we offer custom posters that can be used to show your room # or text #.

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What they're saying

“An amazing product. The people that designed this must be geniuses, or at least very full of themselves and have a ton of free time.” Daniel Brown - CEO, vTxt